Ang #1 sa Sangla

Wag basta magtiwala sa sanglaang kinasanayan mo na. Dapat mag-usisa!

Sigurado ang pagsasangla rito.

Malinaw ang proseso at tapat ang serbisyo — mula appraisal hanggang pagkalkula ng take-home.

Libreng magpa-appraise

Walang ipapataw na fee sa pagpapasuri ng item, matuloy man ang transaksyon o hindi.

Max agad ang bigay

Ang pinakamataas na kaya naming ibigay, deklarado agad. Ang highest appraisal, dito nahanap ng iba.

Makakatipid sa interes

Pwedeng hindi sagarin ang tanggap. Tanungin ang teller kung paano makapagsangla with interest as low as 3%.

How to Pawn

  1. Bumisita sa kahit anong VILLARICA branch.
  2. Iabot ang alahas o gamit na isasangla. 
  3. I-advise ang teller kung sang-ayon na sa ibinigay na appraisal value.
  4. Magbigay ng valid ID at sulatan ang ibibigay na KYC form. 
  5. Pirmahan ang pawn ticket at hintayin ang iyong pera. 
  6. Bilangin ang natanggap na amount, at itago nang maigi ang pawn ticket na kakailanganin sa pagpapatubo o pagtubos.

How to Renew

  1. Bumisita sa branch na pinagsanglaan, o sa kahit anong VILLARICA branch para sa Renew Anywhere service*.
  2. Iabot ang pawn ticket na patutubuan, kasama ang bayad sa current balance mo.
  3. Sa likod ng pawn ticket, pirmahan ang space katabi ng "Signature of Pawner".
  4. Piramahan ang bagong pawn ticket na ibibigay ng teller.
  5. Itago ulit maigi ang panibagong pawn ticket para sa susunod na transaksyon.

    *Maaaring mag-renew sa ibang VILLARICA branch na pinagsanglaan hanggang tatlong beses.
    Makakatanggap ka ng Proof of Payment mula sa bagong branch, na siyang ipapakita sa original branch sa araw na magpapatubo o magtutubos ka ng sinangla.

How to Redeem

  1. Pumunta sa VILLARICA branch kung saan nagsangla.
  2. Ipakita ang pawn ticket at iabot ang bayad pantubos.
  3. Sa likod ng pawn ticket, pirmahan ang patlang na nagsasaad na natanggap mo ang item na isinangla mo.
  4. Mag-abot ng valid ID sa teller. 
  5. Tanggapin ang item at suriin ang kondisyon nito bago umalis ng branch.

Accepted Items








Other Gold or Platinum Items



IDs Required for Sangla

Driver's License


Postal ID

Voter's ID

  • PRC ID
  • IBP ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • GSIS e-card
  • SSS Card
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • OFW ID
  • Seaman's Book
  • Firearm License
  • Employment ID
  • Student ID

Frequently Asked

Ang pagtanggap po ng item para sa sangla ay depende sa liit o laki ng damage ng item. Pakidala na lamang po sa pinakamalapit na branch para po masuri ng aming staff.
Pwedeng-pwede po ang partial payment! Maaari po ninyong hulugan ang principal ng inyong sangla.
Pwede po! Kailangan lang pong pirmahan ng nagsangla ang authorization box sa likod ng pawn ticket o gumawa ng authorization letter na may pirma ng nagsangla.
Puntahan po muli ang branch kung saan kayo nagsangla at i-report ang nawawalang pawn ticket at ipakita ang inyong valid ID para magawan kayo ng Affidavit of Loss. Ito po ay required para makapag-request ng panibagong pawn ticket.
Naisasangla pa! Susuriin pa rin ito ng mag-a-appraise at bibigyan ng karampatang halaga.
  • The pawner hereby accepts the pawnshop's appraisal as proper.
  • The pawner agrees on the interest rates imposed on this contract of pledge. In case of dispute, the regular courts of the law have the vested power to determine the reasonableness and legality of interest rate. The pawnshop hereby agrees not to collect advance interest for a period of more than one (1) year.
  • The service charge is equivalent to one percent (1%) of the principal loan, but shall not exceed five pesos(P5.00). No other charges shall be collected.
  • This loan is renewable for such amount and period as may be agreed upon between the pawnshop and the subject to the same requirements for a new loan.
  • Upon maturity of this loan, as indicated above, the pawner still has ninety (90) days from maturity date within which to redeem the pawn by paying the principal loan plus the interest that shall have accrued thereon. In case the pawned article is subject to quick obsolescence, ie., electronic gadgets, (cellphone, tablets, laptops, etc.) the pawner has one (1) month from the maturity date to redeem the pawn item.
  • The amount of interest due and payable after the maturity date of the loan up to the redemption period shall be computed upon redemption at the rate of interest provided above based on the sum of the principal loan and interest earned as of the date of maturity. Any additional penalty and/or interest shall also be computed in the same manner.
  • The pawnshop shall notify the pawner of any change in its business address/location through: (1) publication in English and in Filipino or in the local dialect in two (2) daily newspapers of general circulation in the municipality where the pawnshop is closing the business; and (2) posting in English and Filipino or in the local dialect for one (1) month after date publication in a conspicuous place in the premises to be vacated and to be transferred to.
  • The pawner and the pawnshop agree that the notice of auction sale shall be delivered via e-mail, SMS, fax or registered mail or courier at address; mobile phone no, fax no, or complete residential address, as may be appropriate, in the space provided). In case no mode of notification is agreed upon, the default shall be via ordinary mail. The pawnshop shall have the right to sell or dispose of the pawn in public auction if the pawner fails to redeem the pawn within the ninety (90) day grace period. The pawnshop shall send the reminder on or before the expiration of the ninety (90) day grace period.
  • The pawner shall advise the pawnshop of any change of address/ mobile phone number/e-mail address/fax number.
  • This ticket shall be surrendered at maturity date upon payment of the loan. In case of loss or destruction of this ticket, the pawner hereby undertakes to personally present an affidavit to the pawnshop before the redemption period expires. The pawnshop has two (2) days to decide whether to accept (1) the affidavit in place of the original pawn ticket; or (2) to issue a substitute pawn ticket, thereby cancelling the original.
  • In case of pre- payment of this loan by pawner, the interest collected in advance shall accrue in full to the pawnshop.
  • The pawner shall not be entitled to the excess of the public auction sale price over the amount of principal, interest and service fee; neither shall the pawnshop be entitled to recover the deficiency from the pawner.
  • The pawner declares under the penalty of the Anti-Fencing Law that he is the owner of the property subject of this contract.
  • The pawnshop shall exercise reasonable care and caution that an ordinary prudent person would as to his own property over the thing pawned in accordance with Republic Act No. 386 (Civil Code of the Philippines), as amended. Accordingly, the pawnshop shall insure all pawned items, except those which are kept inside a fireproof vault in accordance with the pertinent regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Claims for restitution by pawners in case of loss, destruction or defect of the pawns due to robbery, fire and other fortuitous event, with or without the fault of the pawnshop, its owner, managing partner, directors and officers are cognizable by the regular courts.
  • The pawnee shall not be liable for the loss or damage of the article pawned due to fortuitous events or force majeure. When the loss is due to the fault and/or negligence of the pawnee, the amount of its liability, if any, shall be limited to the appraised value appearing on the face hereof.
  • Venue of all judicial and administrative cases or proceedings and other legal incidents arising out of or in connection with this contract shall solely and exclusively be brought before appropriate courts, departments, offices or agencies of the government where the pawnshop's head office is located.
  • The Authorized representative must present valid identification papers.
  • For purposes of computing the amount of interest for pledge loans paid after maturity date, a fraction of the original terms of the loan agreed upon as indicated at the face of the pawn ticket shall be considered as one full term.
  • In case this loan is not paid on maturity date, the pawner hereby agrees to pay in addition to accrued interest, 2% per month of the principal, as liquidated damages. For purposes of computing the amount of liquidated damages, a fraction of the original term of the loan agreed upon as indicated at the face of the pawn ticket shall be considered as one full term. 
  • Member: Chamber of Pawnbrokers of the Philippines Inc.

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